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Social involvement

The Village of Hope

The village of Hope is a home and community for special people. It’s an open community and home for life with a unique model where adults with cognitive, developmental and emotional disabilities can evolve and reach their potential. The village was founded in 1964 by Dr Siegfried Hirsch, a German Jewish agronomist. It was founded on a scenic hilltop overlooking the Jezreel Valley close to Kiryat Tivon. The residents of the village enjoy autonomy and personal choice in all aspects of daily living including employment, leisure and educational activities, community involvement, personal relationships and living arrangements. Since the beginning, the village’s mission remains the same- to provide the residents with the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their limitations, at every life stage. The population is over 200 residents from the age of 20 years old.

The Village of Hope and Tulip Winery- a partnership

The vision of Tulip winery from the beginning was to be a social business, therefore it was founded inside the Village of Hope. The winery integrates with the village’s mission by employee residents to help the winery with the process of making the wine while supporting community involvement and joined activities such as promoting the village’s art work for sale and many more. The residents who work at the winery take an active part in the harvest, wine bottling and assisting at the visitor’s center.

Social involvement

We believe it’s important to add an added value in every step so we created many exciting projects.

“Make A Wish Israel”

organization that helps fulfill the wishes of terminally ill children. We created especially for this cooperation special addition wines with a unique label that was designed and donated by the designer Israel Yossef. 50% from the sales of each wine is dedicated to making wishes come true. By making a wish come true we inspire to give a child and his or her family an experience of hope, strength and happiness during this difficult time.

“Shalva” foundation

Tulip winery and “Shalva” foundation have a lot in common, our values match and so it was a natural and easy decision to work together on a project dedicated only to this wonderful foundation. 100% from the sales of this project goes directly to “Shalva”.

“Don’t Lable Me” project

Tulip’s great love for the residents of The village of Hope has created one of a kind Social Initiative.
Together with the village of Hope, Akim foundation, ILAN foundation and the Shanti house the “Don’t Label Me” project was born- an art project that acts as a bridge between the business world and the community.
To find the perfect label for Tulip Flagship wine, the Black Tulip, we created a contest between the art classes held in this foundations where the winning painting will become the label itself.
It was a difficult decision to make, we chose the winning painting of David Ashkenazi, a gifted artist with Down Syndrome and a member at AKIM foundation. His colorful and abstract art had stolen our hearts

Tulip @ Home

We decided to create a limited addition wine dedicated to our home- The village of Hope. The labels were painted at the art class in the village, where the artists painted what they feel is home to them. The sales are donated to the village for home improvements and to strengthen the resident’s homey and comfortable feeling.
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