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Black Tulip

Every year we meticulously select our finest barrels of the recent vintage, which will produce our most fruity and complex wine. The wine is aged in these barrels for a long time to reach an optimal maturation that will eventually make the wine improve and reach a more complex, multi–layered structure.
Each variety was aged separately for 6 months and then blended and aged for another 18 months in French Oak barrels for the right maturation.
Before bottling the wine went through a rough filtration to reserve its flavors.




20 Months


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc & Petit Verdot


Upper Galilee, Judean Hills

Volcanic, Limestone and Terra Rosa

750 m


Black and Red Fruits, Chocolate, Coffee and Spices


Rich and full


Long and Gentle

Premium Series

At Tulip we support the combination of producing quality wines with contribution to society.

The Black Tulip is the flagship wine of our winery and we decided to dedicate the label to the world closest to our hearts– the world of special needs and disabilities, and that is how a project was born: “Don’t Label Me”. Out of hundreds of paintings submitted to our competition, we chose only one, the label was painted by David Ashkenazi, a member in AKIM foundation.

The Black Tulip had won many awards and scores around the world.